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Jordan‘s Senior Pictures

In the midst of quarantin, many seniors have been shorted of the complete Highschool Experience and the memories! Do you remember your Highschool Graduation and your Prom? Well things dont look the same in 2020 as we battle with Covid-19 Pandemic and History is being made. Students have had to learn to Homeschool, not interact with friends, no sports, no parties, no hangouts, no movie nights...... But they have stepped up and made the best of this. Mom called me and said I want Senior Pictures of my boy and I got his Prom Tux rented so can we include those too???? Of course I said yes! Obsessed with this session. I have been photographing Jordan a few years and he is on the quite side but always willing to do whatever! this shoot caught his personality and killer smile! He clearly does anything to make his momma happy and with a smile and love. Thank you for being you! Enjoy the coming years as you start a new chapter in your life and never change that heart and always remember your foundation!

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